Steve Albert

Professor and Chair, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences

Behavioral and Community Health Sciences

Phone: 412-383-8693


I lead the public health and aging effort in the Department and co-direct our Evaluation Institute. The broad focus of my efforts is to determine how human services networks and related clinical services can function as a public health intervention. In this effort, we are working with a series of service providers to develop data platforms for surveillance of mental, social, cognitive, and physical health as well as integration of preventive interventions within ongoing service delivery.  Current efforts include primary prevention of falls in a large statewide pragmatic clinical trial (CDC ARRA, 2010-12), assessment of end-of-life decision making among the very old (NINR, 2010-2015), and prevention of late-life mood disorders (NIMH, 2011-2016).  New efforts involve assessment of hospital community health efforts, use of electronic patient portals for health promotion, and surveillance of community violence. 


  • PhD