Latino Health in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Dissertations and Theses List – Latinos in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Patricia Documet ( )—Latino’s health care access in southwestern Pennsylvania (dissertation - public health; 2001; access to health care for adults, detailed description of community; mixed methods approach). Access here

Mara DeLuca ( )—Health care needs and social integration among Pittsburgh's uninsured Latinos (thesis  - public health ; adults attending Birmingham clinic, 2007; qualitative interviews). Access at:

Adriana Dobrzycka ( )- The community health workers (CHWs) model as a viable measure that will strengthen access to health care and health information for the refugees and immigrants living in the Greater Pittsburgh region. (thesis-public health, 2008; immigrants; refugees; Community health workers; Pittsburgh; qualitative interviews). Access here:

Lindsay Walker (Lossasso)—How Do Prenatal Care Clinicians Perceive Their Role in Care for Latina Immigrants in Allegheny County, PA? (thesis- public health ; providers who care for Latino women in prenatal care; 2009; qualitative interviews). Access at:

Meagan Carnahan (Niebler) ( )—Birth Experiences of Immigrant Latina Women in a New Growth Community (thesis - public health; mothers who gave birth in Maggee, 2011; qualitative interviews). Access at:

Yolanda Hernández-Albújar—Narratives of Identity and Motherhood Among Latin American Migrant Women (dissertation -sociology; narratives of motherhood of Latino immigrant mothers; 2011; qualitative interviews). Access at:

Andrea Kamouyerou ( )—Insights Into an Invisible Community: A Photovoice Project with Latino Immigrant Men in Allegheny County (thesis - public health; adult men – 2011; photovoice). Access at:

Laura Macia ( )—Dealing With Grievances: The Latino Experience in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (dissertation - anthropology; 2012 legal anthropology, detailed description of community; mixed methods approach). Access at:

Amalia Pesantes ( )—Taking Care of Undocumented Children: How Parents and Providers Secure Health Care for Uninsured Latino Children in a New Growth Community (thesis - public health; undocumented children; Latinos; Southwestern Pennsylvania; health insurance; children). Access at: 

Monica Jacobo ( )—Educating immigrant children in the United States: A mixed methods analysis of achievement of Hispanic students in Pennsylvania (dissertation – public and international affairs; educational achievement, policy - 2013 mixed methods approach). Access at:

Jesabel Rivera de Jesús ( ) Influyentes: A strategy to improve flu vaccination coverage among Hispanics in Pittsburgh, PA (essay- public health; Flu, vaccination, communication strategy, Hispanics; program planning) Access here

Gonzalez Alburquerque, Flor de Abril ( An evaluation of the Parents as Teachers model at the Latino family center in Pittsburgh, PA. (thesis - public health; Evaluation, latino, home visiting, parents as teachers, mixed methods, survey). Access at:

Steren, Karina ( DanSa, a dance curriculum to increase physical activity in a newly emerging Latino community. (thesis - public health; physical activity; Hispanic; dance). Access at:

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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