Health Advocates in Reach (HAIR)

Center for Health Equity (CHE) Health Advocates In Reach (HAIR) Program

In September 2002, when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched a national campaign called “Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day” to promote health and wellness in African American communities, the Center for Health Equity (CHE, former Center for Minority Health) established relationships with local African American owned and operated barbershops and hair salons to promote wellness in these well established and trusted community institutions.  The campaign was a perfect match.  CHE tailored it to fit local needs and created a program called “Take a Health Professional to the People Day” (TADay).  On TADay, health professionals volunteer their time and services to provide health screenings and health education to customers and staff in African American owned and operated barbershops and hair salons located in the Hill District, East Liberty, Homewood, and Oakland neighborhoods.  This year TADay took place on Friday, April 20, 2018, from 11am-3pm, during National Minority Health Month. 

CHE seeks all types of health professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, students in schools of the health sciences, social workers, health and human service providers, etc.) to volunteer at least one hour of time in participating shops to offer health screening and health resources.  Although TADay is over, you can still volunteer and "adopt a shop" throughout the year; please contact Lora Ann Bray at for more information.  

TADay is part of a broader initiative called Health Advocates In Reach (HAIR).   Over the past ten years, barbers and stylists in the shops received training as lay health advocates on such topics as health disparities, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, health risks, and some were CPR certified.  The primary goal of HAIR is to provide year-round health education, resources, and health screenings for customers and staff in the shops and salons and to connect persons in need to a medical home.   CHE hopes this initiative will help individuals make informed decisions regarding their health and health care and ultimately reduce health inequity in Pittsburgh.

For questions regarding the HAIR program or TADay, please email Ms. Lora Ann Bray, CHE Manager of Community Partnerships, Education, and Training or call 412-624-4388.